May 12, 2012

Kristen Stewart Interview - Herald Sun

"Walking towards me with her hair scraped back and wearing metal armour, the choice to cast the 21-year-old actress as "the fairest of them all" is obvious.
She is luminous in the flesh.
Stewart was initially hesitant to take on the role because she says, "I didn't see myself playing Disney's Snow White".

She admits she never pretended to be a princess as a child - "I was always, honestly, the vampire."
She was finally attracted because it retained the original tale's darkness.
"We have stayed so true to who Snow White is classically," Stewart says.

She can seriously take care of business," Stewart says, with a smile. Her biggest battle scenes are with the evil Queen Ravenna, played by a chilling Charlize Theron.
"I've been getting the crap kicked out of me by Charlize," Stewart says.
"She's also not afraid to take it. She keeps telling me to hit her harder. It's been fun."



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