May 16, 2012

New Kristen Interview with Hello Giggles

Everyone has got it wrong about Kristen Stewart. Her vibrant smile and shocking personality lights up the room the moment she walks in.

The cool and laid back aura she brought to the table allowed for less of an interview type feel and more of a friendly conversation between three best friends (which of course we are). She truly does represent the few Hollywood stars that are just like us.

Her new movie, Snow White and the Huntsman, will be hitting theaters June 1st, and boy are we excited to see this one (expect to see us at the midnight showing). While preserving a few of the original morals (the dwarfs, the apple and the mirror), this adaptation takes the Snow White fairytale to a whole new level.

This interview was by far the best because I got to interview my BEST FRIEND!! Well, not actually, but I did get to interview Kristen with my best friend, Lily. She also happens to be a die-hard Kristen fan (her surprise party was KSTEW themed), but shh… don’t tell Kristen, she doesn’t know that we were completely overwhelmed by her awesomeness. She probably thought we hadn’t even seen the Twilight movies with the calm we kept (I’ve seen them at least 10 times each). So, here it is – sit back, relax and enjoy the interview.

P.S. Feel free to become as equally as overwhelmed as we did!

What was it about this version of Snow White that drew you in?

“It’s funny, it really didn’t have anything to do with Snow White one way or the other. I’m not just inherently rebellious; I didn’t JUST want to do it because it was different from what you thought Snow White would do. If you read the seven page Grimm story, it really is… And anyone who is going to do a full length movie and completely elaborate on it, its like this is just a different take on it. We needed to find the ‘why’s of everything. The character, for whatever reason, felt so real to me and in a world that is so unbelievable, that is kind of an exceptional thing. I just wanted to so badly join the cause, more than anything, and I just believed in it.”

Did you know automatically that you wanted to do it, or what there a moment of hesitation?

“I totally knew I wanted to do it. I read the script that we initially started with and I saw so much potential in it. I knew when I talked to the director that this was something that he wanted to really delve into and work out and figure out who everyone was. When you have a story full of archetypes and it’s like, we aren’t just playing the evil queen and the beautiful young girl, it really needed to make sense in order for us to play it properly. So the script changed a lot. We were obsessed with it on set every day; it was the most time I’ve ever spent, being so obsessed and tweaking every little thing. And we don’t say much in the movie – it is pretty hectic and it just goes and goes and goes. We don’t really give you all the plot points, and for such a big movie that is rare.”

Was there one specific thing that you really wanted to change, or one thing that you wanted to work well?

“I mean, everything, but really you don’t want her to just overnight be able to kick ass and defeat an army. We made the action a lot more realistic. We made her able to do all of the things in the movie, rather than ‘I just literally killed a giant 6 ft man in armor’, you know? I probably couldn’t do that, but it doesn’t matter because she outsmarts him; it was just a way to think around it. So you could just get behind her rather than ‘I would really like to do that in a movie, but it real life that would never happen’.”

Were you into those fairy tales when you were younger?

“No, not really. I loved Disney movies, I just wasn’t into the super girly ones. People know this already, but I loved The Jungle Book, it was my favorite thing ever.”

Were there any personality connections that you found between you and your character?

“It’s funny, I am yet to play someone that I don’t love so much. I haven’t played someone I disagree with. I would love to, but things have just happened that way. She is so awesome it is hard for me to say I am like this, I am like that. She is so completely not able to be a part of the people that she loves so much. She really does not find herself as a part of it yet, she’s been so disconnected from people. And to be able to feel something about it… and feel like…not a part of it, I can so relate to.”

Do you ever read the comments and reviews about your movies and the things you do?

“Yeah, totally. I don’t take it to heart because I remember experiences in my head a certain way and I value them so much, and I would never do them differently. Massive response is always weird. Usually things don’t matter, usually when you talk to people during interviews, things fill up in my head and I get nervous. But I am the type of person who needs to know exactly what is going on in their life ‘cos I’m a weirdo… and I need to know everything.”

If there was one message you could send out to your fans, what would it be?

“Hey! Literally, you just need to be able to say ‘Hey!’ It’s not like I have a statement for you all. Like, I’ve been the most honest, it’s not actually true to say, I have been completely honest from the start. If you’re a fan, ‘Hello’. It’s also a rare opportunity to be able to sit with a fan and not be all like ‘Ahhh’ and hectic.”

A phone screen says a lot about a person, so what it yours?

“My phone screen is nothing. And that says a lot about me. I’m kind of technologically out of it. It was my cat for a while. What does that say about me?’

You’re a cat lady! In the movie you are faced with a man who is protecting you – the huntsman and your prince, who is your cute attractive love interest. Which one is more important for you to have in your life?

“Chris is pretty cute. Funny thing about our prince, he wants so badly to be the huntsman. But for some reason, the fate or the stars sort of turns things askew and the stars aligned differently when I came out of Prison and I came of age. The fate is not as clear, things just don’t line up. The Prince really has to prove himself, he is really good with a bow and he is constantly vying but the movie moves so fast it is hard to focus on the romance, but for me… I would probably want both.”

Do you think you have both?

“[Giggles] Yeah…”

Was it difficult to do all of the fight scenes considering the weight of the armor?

“Well we had two different versions. One was very heavy and hard; well, it wasn’t really the weight, it was just rigid. And one version was plastic – well…rubber.”

Did you do a lot of training to learn how to do the fight scenes?

“Well, we had to throw out a bit of choreography, because a lot of the sword fighting stuff was like doing a dance. It looked really great but suddenly it looked like I was a ninja and just could take out an army. It wouldn’t have felt as good to see her succeed if it was impossible. Rupert, the director, who is amazing, made go out and just say to myself ‘Don’t die’ and said, ‘There will be a ton of people coming at you, and here’s a shield and sword.’ But I do think the training really helped me get into it. When you were put on the set with 500 people, it really did help.”

You are really known for your [unique] style. You were just voted best dressed in Glamour UK, so if you could where one designer and feel really comfortable in it who would it be?

“Balenciaga!! [Lughs] I think, yeah, I mean, I just love Balenciaga. I mean, I’m not just saying that, I promise you! Yeah, you see that is the thing. Balenciaga stands out more than anyone else just because of how they are so… weird, which is so cool to me! If you are going to do something, especially like with actors and fashion and their relationship with it, it is so strange because we are not involved in the creative process, you are really only able to hang out with them and wear their stuff! It is just not often that you really run into stuff that seems like it was made for somebody’s own self rather than to be like ‘Look at this!’, you know? I don’t want to seem like a weirdo person that criticizes people for selling out, but they are genuinely artistic and I feel like a lot of designers now just aren’t!”

Well, we are going into high school next year, as are a ton of your fans. What was a thing that you feel really got you through high school, Kristen, and helped in figuring out what you wanted to do? I mean, when you are talking to younger girls, how is it that you inspire them to really pull through high school?

“Wait a second, you’re going to be in high school NEXT year?”


“Are you KIDDING me? Get OUT of here! That’s ridiculous! Well I would have to say that for one, thank God you’re almost in high school because high school is awesome compared to middle school! For me, at least! OH GOD! I mean, here is the deal… I didn’t actually have to go to high school…”

You got the EASY way out, didn’t you Kristen?

“Yeah, that’s right! But like I still stayed completely in contact with my friends who did go to high school. And I was still very much in-ish! I didn’t have to go but things got so much easier after that, for me! So I would say, just hold on! Also, like, it is so weird harping on this sort of subject because I still feel so close to that time, even though I am breathing a bit easier now that I know myself a little bit more, and I just feel more comfortable… but at the same time, I don’t feel like I have changed at all, necessarily, I mean… Oh my God, this is so funny, now we are having the Bridesmaids conversation: ‘I’ve grown but I’ve changed!’

I just feel like you have to have at that age, and this is going to sound so cheesy but I am serious about this and I completely remember it, you’ve got to do what you want to do! And it is as simple as that, and that’s all I have got to say! But you know it’s not easy to do, and WOW, now it sounds like I’m giving advice as someone who knows what the hell they are talking about! It is true, not that I know what I am talking about, but that you have got to do what you do. And also make sure that you have something to do! Like you know, everyone can do something! Some people walk around saying you know, ‘I’m bored! I’m bored!’ It’s like no, DO something! Everyone is kind of awesome!”

Yes totally! Well, thank you so much, Kristen, this meant so much!

“Yea, totally! Of course!!”

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