May 26, 2012

Robert and Kristen | I Love You, i always have (CANNES 2012) via @ xFiorels90

►WATCH in HD if possible :)
♪ i love you, i always have... ♪ 
I can't with them.I can't with this song.I can't with everything.Basically "I can't" has become my motto the last couple of days.And not only 'cause of what 'we got' from them...I just feel so fucking proud of them, and so happy for them that i can't even...They are two amazing people and deserve all the praise and the happiness possible! 
And yes, of course also 'cause they got me moved so much these days, and it's because of what they are and what they mean to a lot of people.They just make me believe in love, like no one else can.Sometimes i kinda blame them for making me idealize love so much, but yet, i would love to have something like what they have. And it's not even something so 'special' in a certain way. It's love, true love... and they just do what all people in love do, but the way they stay so true in such a place like Hollywood, with every shit going around, well that's not 'nothing special'.
That's a lot... ♥ 
Thinking about this, i even happened to cry a couple of times while making this. I don't even know why. Again, it all just moves me.
Well, it's true that we are all being sappy for a three days now lolBut, that's it... They move me. And i could stay here and talk about them (and what i feel) for hours, so better stop here. lolThanks, Robert and Kristen.And congratulations for your win.'Cause you always win! 

A few notes:- I apologize for bad quality clips. Nothing better has come out yet and i couldn't wait lol- I'm pretty sure that as soon as i upload this a bunch of other stuff is gonna come out, but never mind. Again, i just wanted to upload it (also considering i haven't uploaded something for almost 2 months :/ sorry for that lol)Anyway, never mind. If something else comes out, well, i'm gonna put it in the next video... and this leads me to the next note.- I'm sorry i haven't been around on YT much lately, but i'm working and studying and time keeps decreasing instead of increasing! How can it be? :O lol
Anyway, i have a few videos already started and i count on uploading them quite soon :) or, well at least not in 2 months, for sure lol 
Okay, that's all.Sorry for boring you to death ahahaHope you like this! xx
Dedicated to all of you that believe in true love. ♥ 
Song: I love you - Mikky Ekko

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