May 22, 2012

Robert Pattinson: "And now a son by Kristen» Vanity Fair Italy May 2012

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Men in dresses tailoring, body-guard in mirrored sunglasses and earphones. The sky above Mahhattan is a gray and, during the two hours of Cosmopolis, will turn increasingly to black.
Eric Packer, golden boy of finance, enter into a limo and its driver, face sculpted by man of the Russian intelligence services, informs him that traffic was paralyzed for the visit of President of the United States. But he is not interested now just needs a good haircut, and the only barber in a position to satisfy the other side of town.


Transpose into a Hollywood movie one of the most visionary novels of Don DeLillo - written in 2001, is a prophecy of Occupy Wall Street and everything that we are living - was an impossible task that only a director like David Cronenberg's brave could succeed. And just as brave as a director David Cronenberg was reminded of entrusting the starring Robert Pattinson.

It is true that Pattinson is not only Twilight , the saga will end November 14 with Breaking Dawn - Part 2 : between one episode and others, has also starred in Remember Me (2010), Like Water for Elephants ( 2011) and the recent Bel Ami - The Story of a seducer . But it is clear that a character like this can do for him the difference between staying anchored to the fangs of the vampire Edward Cullen and be admitted into the club of actors to Serie A.

Cosmopolis - premiered at Cannes - Pattinson keeps the pallor that made ​​fall in love all over the world, girls and boys grew up, the romantic air of Edward, however, has disappeared. (...)

There has been an idea of ​​why David Cronenberg has chosen her?
"Honestly, no. But I have never asked: I am just glad he did. " (...)

In Cosmopolis sex scenes are quite explicit: it has proved embarrassing? .
"More than anything I was nervous about the actresses. When a man gets undressed feels maybe stupid, but basically having fun. I think for a woman is something different, more problematic. "
In real life, is more sweet or passionate?
"Passionate, I hope." (...)

One of his best friends, the British actor Tom Sturridge, is expecting a child by Sienna Miller. Want to become a father?
"Sure. I do not know just yet, but definitely yes. "

Have you already made plans with Kristen?
"Not yet. We have nothing planned. "

He feels ready to go live with her?
"( He hums, to mask the embarrassment ) I'm ready for anything. " The full interview on n. 30 of Vanity Fair on newsstands May 23.

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