May 10, 2012

#SWATH in French "Air" Mag (HQ Scans + Translation)

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English Translation:

Who has never heard about Snow White?
You know, the beautiful princess with white skin as snow, lips red as blood and hair black as night! The one who is taken in the woods by a group of joyful dwarfs. They have funny names and wear pointed hats. She wears a blue and red dress, a beautiful red headband and speaks with a high-pitched voice. Well, forget all of this, it’s over! Over the sweet and nice girl. Now, Snow White is a warrior and she will kick Evil Queen’s ass. On June 13th (in France), Hollywood industry comes back with a new version of Grimm’s fairytale. It may shock the public used to Disney’s version from 1937.

Epic Battles and disheveled dwarfs:
In Snow White and the Huntsman, the heroine is played by Kristen Stewart; she became famous for her role of Bella in Twilight. She has the mission to make people forget her weak and naïve character of the previous adaptations. This time, Snow White will not stay back. She wears armor, has a sword and a shield. She takes the head of the rebellion against the Queen, her evil stepmother. A reinterpretation resulting epic battles, based on spirited cavalry charges, full of monsters with claws and spells erupting in all directions. Even if the fairytale is very freely adapted, the scenarist keeps the traditional elements. First of all and to reassure everyone, the seven dwarfs are there but they are now metamorphosed: scruffy clothes, disheveled, they are now armed and dangerous. As the woods they are live in. The dark forest is hunted: the worst monsters wander there among the dead trees, the swamps and the disturbing mists.

Charlize, wickedly amazing!
In the part of the Evil Queen who wants to eliminate Snow White to be the fairest of the kingdom, Charlize Theron  is always beautiful and managed to give a more cruel dimension to her character. The movie makes us understand a little better her mysterious fierceness to kill her stepdaughter. Pulling all her powers from the youth and the beauty, she is obliged to “consume” the youth from innocent prisoners. When her famous mirror reveal to her that rip off the beating of her stepdaughter would give her eternal youth, the Evil Queen will do anything for it. She uses the Huntsman to found her and bring her back. We know when we read the title of the movie, the huntsman has a central part in this version of the fairytale. Having hands on Snow White, he refuses to deliver her at the Evil Queen and becomes her protector and her mentor.

Offspring in abundance:
As for La Guerre des Boutons (a French movie) last year, adaptations of Snow White are all over the cinemas. After Mirror Mirror by Tarsem Singh with Julia Roberts in April, Snow White and the Huntsman in June, we learn that Disney Studios works on their part in a new version of the fairytale for 2013. Held in China, Snow White practices martial arts to defeat her Stepmother’s minions. Times change, the good stories remain. Who’s complaining?

Scans /Translation: AdilouSwan_KS | kstewfrance

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