May 22, 2012

Upcoming events with Rob & Kristen

May 22: Kristen + OTR Cast on "Le Grand Journal" (France) -
May 23: "On The Road" World Premiere in Cannes
May 23: "On The Road" opens in France, Switzerland & The Netherlands
May 25: "Cosmopolis" World Premiere in Cannes -
May 25: "Cosmopolis" opens in France & Italy
May 28: "Cosmopolis" Premiere in Lisbon (Portugal)
May 30: "Cosmopolis" Screening in Paris with Rob
May 30: "Cosmopolis" opens in Belgium & Switzerland
May 31: "Cosmopolis" Screening in Berlin with Rob
May 31: Kristen on "The Today Show"
May 31: Kristen on "Live with Kelly"
May 31: "Cosmopolis" & "On The Road" open in Portugal

May 31/June 1: SWATH opens worldwide
June 3: MTV Movie Awards 2012, LA
June 6: "On The Road" opens in Belgium
June 7: "Cosmopolis" opens in The Netherlands
June 8: "Bel Ami" opens in the US
June 8: "Cosmopolis" opens in Canada
June 10/12: "On The Road" Screenings in Sydney
June 13: "Cosmopolis" opens in Russia
June 15: "Cosmopolis" opens in the UK
June 15: "On The Road" opens in Brazil
June 19: SWATH Premiere in Sydney

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