June 26, 2012

(Complete Scans) Kristen on the cover of "Capricho" Brazil (Translation)

Rock Diva! Kristen Stewart is the girl with more attitude in Hollywood, both in their choice of characters in the film as his clothes and makes unique. Want to learn from it?

I left my surprise encounter with Kristen Stewart in Mexico City. Is that girl wearing jeans, a basic white tank top and sneakers untied proved to be passionate about fashion. The American actress will Capricho told that, other than it seems, she loves to choose the looks glamorous wearing on the red carpet! That is why they are always full of attitude. The same happens with the characters of the film. No wonder that the girl of 22 years loved to play a warrior in Snow White and the Hunter. A princess quite different from that of romantic fairy tales.

And, seriously, has much more to do with Kris, right?

What went through your head when he was invited to be Snow White?

I did not want to do. I thought it would be too easy and, actually, I wanted to challenge myself and learn something new. But when I read the script and talked to the director, I realized that it would not be simple.

How was working with the lovely Chris Hemsworth (who plays Hunter in the film)?

Too! I love Chris. He is a pretty charming. And he is huge! (Laughs) It's like watching a truck chasing a bird. But he's great. It is the type with whom you can talk about everything and with it has no bad time!

There are several action scenes in Snow White. What was the hardest to do?

In the film, I jump too high a stone and fall into cold water. Actually, I did the scene in a studio, jumping from a tank. But it was horrible! He was very tall and I was very scared. No idea that was afraid of heights!

As preparation for the role?

In addition to reread the story and watch the Disney movie, I had to lose their fear and learn to ride a horse. Still, I could not stay quiet. I was terrified! (Laughs)

Snow White lived alone too long. What would you say to a girl who is excluded from the crowd?

You guys like that? What I mean is that I do not really care for others. It's hard to go against the crowd, but this causes you to be yourself. And that's the best thing!

Who are your friends?

One of my best friends is a girl who grew up with me. She understands me like no other. And Dakota (Fanning) is also my best friend. I love and it's amazing to have her as a friend. She is fun and crazy.

And the cast of Twilight?

Also. We became a close-knit crew. Now everyone is very busy, so I'm so happy when I see them! When I go out with Ashley (Greene) or see any of them, I get emotional truth.

Imagine the perfect party. How would it be?

Surely all these friends who were quoted. (Laughs) I'm not really a girl party girl, but that does not mean I do not enjoy life. I have fun, but I'm not the type who enjoys going out and getting drunk. I prefer to stay in good with my friends

When you have awards and events, you'll ace that roll after party?

It depends. Some of these festivals are pretty ridiculous, the kind that are made only for some people to be seen. I celebrate a nice job, but several times, I come to the party and think, "No, that was not what I imagined." So I'm leaving!

You had to enter the fashion world because of that glamor?

Type Yes, you have to get to be an actress. And I am most lucky for that. It seems that I do not care, but actually, I'm completely fascinated by the fashion world. Seriously! I greatly admire this work and I love getting involved in the choice of clothes.

How do you choose the looks of party that you use the red carpet?

I choose of course, but it depends on how I feel. That's funny. Like, I'm sorry when I use black and mysterious like that. I love how fashion makes me feel. (Laughs) And I can not use anything, or something uncomfortable, they will take pictures of me, you know! So I have to love what I'm using.

Source: Irmandade Robsten via RobandKristen

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