June 26, 2012

Robert in Interview with BILD: "It's damn expensive to be normal!"

As a Twilight vampire, he became the teen star. Now playing Robert Pattinson (26) in "Cosmopolis" (from 5 July in the Theaters) a sex-obsessed yuppie.

BILD.de Pattinson arrived in Berlin. But when questions about love and sex, he smiles like a little boy waving from. Let's try with money - after all, he has 36 million euros in the account ..

BILD.de: Wars you ever been poor?
Rob: ". Oh yes until I" Twilght "was filmed, I was poor when you're young, but that's no matter.."

BILD.de: And now?
Rob: ".. It's crazy, although I now have much money, I live the same life as before But it cost me a bunch of coal, it's damn expensive to be normal.."

BILD.de: Why?
Rob: "Before I went off with 25 € and it was enough for the whole night in the club today I give loose 12,000 from a night out."

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