July 01, 2012

Bill Condon Lion & Lamb Award

Bill Condon receives the first Lion & Lamb Award!!

“The Lambie” was given to him by Twilight fan-sites on June 21st. Several fan-sites visited Bill and had a 40 minute Q & A session about Breaking Dawn. Sadly we have to wait and find out what they discovered because they can't share what they learned... I know! Sucks right?! LOL
The plaque was awarded to Bill for all his hard work and dedication these past two years in bringing Breaking Dawn, the final chapter, to life on the big screen. He has EMBRACED the Twilight Saga and has done an amazing job of bringing the book to the screen....in my opinion.

He's been thoughtful and sensitive to fans and understands the passion that we feel for these beloved characters. I absolutely loved Breaking Dawn Part 1 and other than Twilight (since it's the original) has been my favorite of all the films. After seeing the Teaser Trailer that was just realized I am SUPER EXCITED to see Part 2 in November. Just that quick 1 minute and 19 second trailer has me thinking that this film will be my favorite. We will see!!! Everything that I am seeing so far is SUPERB!
I just wanted to say thank you to the following fan-sites for presenting Bill with this award:

Twilight Series Theories
Bella and Edward.com
His Golden Eyes
Letters to Twilight
Team Twilight
Twilight Facebook

I absolutely love that you did this!!!! I am so happy that HE (Bill) knows that we ALL appreciate his hard work and everything that he has done for The Saga. He truly is doing an amazing job. When I left the midnight premiere for Part 1 I walked out and said one word... PHENOMENAL!!! I am soooooo looking forward to Part 2 and everything that I have seen so far, pictures and trailers, it is looking to be even more amazing!!! I can’t wait to see it in November.

Source: Twilighttish | Twilight Lexicon via Twilighters Dream

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