July 05, 2012

Robert , Kristen and BD2 Cast in Bravo [Germany]

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It is the grand finale. after almost four years ending the successful "Twilight" movie series on 22 November with "Breaking Dawn Part 2". A mega - spectacular! For the straight to become bloodsucker Bella (Kristen Stewart, 22) and her husband Edward (Robert Pattinson, 26) must be their greatest challenge: the fight against the Volturi. For the vampire rulers have their daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy, 11) apart. According to her, it is posited veboten to create unserbliche children. So they want to destroy the vampire child and his clan and make a Streitmachtauf the way to Forks / Washington. Without the support of the Cullen clan would niemlas good a chance against those odds. Therefore, Bella's family gathered not only Jacob (Taylor Lautner, 20) and his wolf pack around, but also befreundetet vampires from around the world. Will they find enough allies in the fight against evil? 

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