July 11, 2012

Pattinson - teen heartthrob was yesterday, wild dog is now ...

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FINAL WITH TEEN MOVIES: Robert Pattinson returning to the "Twilight" - the hype back and wants to be taken seriously!

Hardly a day goes by without a headline about him:
Robert Pattinson is not only a heartthrob, but also the darling of the tabloids.
Since it provides a sexy vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies for palpitations,
can the 26-year-old saved from the interest of the media barely. He believes in true love, betray you. Wish that he and his co-star Kristen Stewart to get married and have children, know the others. Whether he can with Justin Bieber or not, whether he is friends with Katy Perry or has an affair with her, the tabloids busy day. And the fact that Pattinson himself sometimes feels too strenuous, the Briton has already brought in countless interviews. In order to protect themselves from female fans, the pretty boy pulls it privately before even show themselves only in the baggy look and a full beard, otherwise, the girls stick to him like barnacles. Now he takes drastic measures to be technically and career: In David Cronenberg's Cosmpolis he shows for the first time on a whole new side: as icy and slick broker, power-hungry and sex, and totally ruthless! Thus he saw his fans than ever before. And: The first step towards a new image so that it will be a reality. Now finally drüfte be an end to "Typecasting"!

New role, new plans. The ambitious Pattinson wants to be seen not as a lover forever be shy overdone. More challenging roles to her. Finally, the young actors in Cosmopolis demonstrate credibly that he draufhat much more than he has been credited, the need to even severe critics admit. Indeed, the collaboration with Cronenberg is just the beginning of the "growing up". At the film festival in Cannes, two more projects have been announced. On a Mission: Black List, which should be treated the search for Saddam Hussein and even shooting in Iraq. And directed by David Michôd (Animal Kingdom) Pattinson is to face the camera shake rover. The fear of career-Off, Robert is predicted by many media is so well-lapse. And the international hype around the beautiful British but should subside at some point, he could finally fulfill a dream and Robert would like to play according to their own statements theater. But the storm threat, the groupies, the theater and yell Duch, the performances are, for now still at large, Pattinson said in an interview. But do not worry, Rob: Your fans are getting older and thus a bit quiet ...

A long farewell. Yes, as you hyped Hollywood star's not easy. Constantly in the spotlight, loved by women - and he just want the same thing: Twilight costar Kristen Stewart - it has long been the wife of Rob's side, and she understands his dislike of the shallow compartment only too well, will itself from the Twilight madness finally get away and desperately looking for a change of image.
For all the die-hard Edward supporters out there, there are still erfreuerlicherweise a reprieve: The last part of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2 coming in November in the cinemas. One last time, we may anschmachten blasshäutigen the vampire with the amber eyes still. After the wedding, including honeymoon in the first part is now for the young family - daughter Renesmee is growing very fast - again down to business. Until that happens, however, can be brave even with the new image of the early ex-Teen swarm familiar. Because our smart Rob is so safe as a terrorist hunter, assassin, assassination investigators or whatever else he wants to play unromantic ...

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