July 04, 2012

Scans and transcription: Kristen Stewart in YOUR journal (Chile)

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Let me tell you this star about his new film, Snow White and the Hunter, where we will see more beautiful and tough as ever. 

You: How did you agree to work with Rupert Sanders, Snow White and the hunter, being that is his first film as director? Were you nervous? 
K: Not at all, although this is his first film, the truth, he is very good. He worked hard and as a director was great. There was just something that made me trust him, and there does not matter how many movies have you done before. 

You: So Rupert and the script were what convinced you to take the project? 
K: Rupert and the script were important, but Charlize Theron's what made me accept. When I heard that she was the queen wanted to take the role. You can have a great script, but everything will fall if you do not have elements to support you. For me to know that Charlize was involved, meant that it was a sure thing. 

You: The director gave darkness to the story? 
K: Yes, he made the characters live in a dangerous world. The color and the landscape are other characters in the film. He has an ability to see things in a unique way. 

You: Two films were released this year's White What do you think about it? 
K: I know Lily (Collins) well and is a little crazy that the two films. I think both movies are really cool and different, there is a market for both. 

You: How did you feel when you shoot all the stunts and what was the hardest for you? 
K: I jumped off a rock that was too high to freeze water and was horrified. I heard they were about as twelve feet, but for me it was like 10. Before this film I thought he had no problem with heights, but it really scared me enough. It was definitely the most difficult. 

You: How was working with Chris Hemsworth? 
K: I love Chris, is a nice guy, great, and has a waveform similar to mine in terms of work, because it did not have to rehearse a lot. We went straight to what we wanted to do since we started, with him was like thinking: "Oh, this is going to be easy." It's a good actor, honest and you can always talk to him. Many things which were written could modify them, and we knew we could count on him to make those changes. 

You: Did you go directly from the last movie of twilight on the set of Snow White and the Hunter? 
K: No, I had some free time in the middle of the two, where I made another. I like to work hard and do not take long breaks, only seek projects that are challenging and different. This film is very different from Twilight and I liked that. 

You: If you could choose a Prince Charming How would what be it?, ¿Funny, gorgeous, etc? 
K: Not really I have a list of priorities. I hate to choose well. 

You: Twilight is a phenomenon and have many fans because of them, but many seem to love you through it. How do you feel being in these two extremes? 
K: It's funny because I get nervous about talking with the press of my films and me. I do not like the idea that people think I'm "believed" and I do not mind giving interviews. If they hate me so, I have to be able to show they are really bad. Now, if they hate me for other reasons, then do not bother me, because I'm happy doing what I do. 

You: Do you have become extinct intense fans that will follow you everywhere? 
K: Fans are not "crazy" as you think. Not that there is neither when we go to the premieres people are not excited and do not yell, but that happens in the premieres and events like Comic-Con 

You: What would be your best tip for a girl who feels he does not fit into the crowd? 
K: It's hard to sit here and think that I speak to girls in general, to tell them how they should be. Well I would say do not worry about fitting, although it is hard not to when you're young, but being different makes you who you are. It is best not troubled. 

You: Who is your best friend and why? 
K: I grew up with someone who is my best friend and it is because she is crazy, funny and really relaxes me. Dakota Fanning is also one of my BF. I respect her so much ... She is funny and charming. 

You: How important is loyalty to you? 
K: A lot. My friends are very loyal 

You: How do you beat the nerves to work with Charlize Theron? 
K: When you work with people of that stature, you want to impress and give yourself completely. We were able to answer us to each other and that made the action feel natural. Many scenes required of intensity, so before we talked a lot of us to film history. So when we did the shots seemed like we were fighting, because our characters were really in conflict. 

You: What is your favorite fairy tale? 
K: To be honest, I really did not grow up reading fairy tales. I am more familiar Disney movie. My favorite was The Jungle Book. 

You: The queen sees her beauty as an essential part of their power. Do you think that beauty be so hard? 
K: Some of the most beautiful people who use their beauty as a weapon are grotesquely ugly inside. I think one of the great things about White is that it can see through the evil Queen Ravenna and discover that there is also beauty. 

You: Snow White first is innocent, then strong. Do you recognize yourself as a strong woman now? 
K: As you grow White is realizing that you have weapons to fight and that is strong enough to use them. His main weapon is his inner light. 

You: What not to miss in your suitcase when you go traveling? 
K: My sweater as a nun (laughs), I have since high school and several times I was about to lose and I almost went crazy. Obviously I need my phone and my sweater, but I am very attached to things. Beyond that I do not like traveling alone, I do it with someone I feel safe. Fortunately the people I work with are also very close friends. 

You: How would you describe your Prince Charming? 
K: I do not know, because I think the princesses and princes like they used no longer exists (laughs), but I imagine someone who is a leader. A prince is someone who will be king, however, a leader needs to be consistent and reliable. 

You: In the story the kiss of true love can do everything, if you could change something about that kiss, what would it be? 
K: Oh, I do not know ... Give me options! 

You: pregnant, teleport, become invisible, protecting your boyfriend ... 
L: I want everything you said except about the pregnancy, I'm not ready yet (laughs). I would love to just jump teleport. I confess that every time I turn out the candles on my birthday or hold my breath in a tunnel and a desire to ask, do not ask anything specific because I feel I might be fulfilled otherwise. I do something strange: if I have a feeling I repeat "please, please, happy, happy, happy", I say that and then I feel free and happy. 

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