July 05, 2012

These are the highest paid actors in Hollywood

Once you know that Kristen Stewart is the highest paid actress in Hollywood You certainly want to know who made ​​it to the men in the first place. We'll tell it to you

What actor in Hollywood earns the most? Johnny Depp, perhaps? Or maybe Robert Pattinson? After all, he has with his "Twilight" series recorded a lot of money. Even greats like Tom Cruise and Will Smith will acquire lots of money last year.

The "Forbes" magazine has taken the period between May 2011 and May 2012, under the microscope. Some performers saw a film more for the very high salary. For others, it is the constant wage within a year. As we reported earlier, the women ended up with Kristen Stewart, with approximately 34.5 million (approximately € 27 million) in the first place.

Now we want to stretch yourself no longer in suspense. Look at the picture gallery, who has made it to first place. Have fun with it.

Robert Pattinson earned $ 26.5 million (around € 21 million). So much was given and Taylor Lautner. Sun prove both the 7th place

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