August 24, 2012

Fifty Shades Of Fandom: The Best Master Of The Universe Fan Art And Videos Starring Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson

When Kristen Stewart read Fifty Shades of Grey , I joked that it was basically her audition for the part of Anastasia Steele. The thing is, Kristen is who Twilight fans have long envisioned as Anastasia, considering that Fifty Shades originated as the fanfic Master of the Universe years ago. Back before E.L. James published her fic as a legitimate novel, it had a rabid online fanbase who treated it the way they would any other piece of work: They created photo manips for the main characters.

Photo manipulations are pieces of fan art put together that usually insert actors’ heads onto strangers’ bodies to pair together characters (or celebrities) that the fan wants to see together in lieu of actual photos of them canoodling. I’ve seen Harry Potter fans make manips of Harry and Draco, or other pairings that aren’t canon and will never be acted out in real life.

Since Anastasia and Christian Grey are Bella and Edward, it’s not surprising that there’s a bevy of Master of the Universe fan art starring Kristen and Robert Pattinson. Fans have a lot of material available to them, from the Twilight films to photo shoots to the actors’ non-Twilight films with other stars. (And consider that this was long before the infamous Breaking Dawn wedding night scene!) 

Going through Tumblr and YouTube, I’ve compiled the following gallery of photo manips and fake trailers/tribute videos. It’s NSFW if you have a really conservative office/classroom; I’ve tried to shy away from anything too explicit.

Happy Friday!

Didoo Doodle on Tumblr

If I’m not mistaken, the creator of this tribute video uses footage from Secretary, a very fitting choice, to fill in all the blanks of the story.

twifans via QueenKingFish on Tumblr

Eyes Wide Shut is the taboo film sampled for this fake trailer, though the YouTuber does a great job of incorporating a lot of Twilight footage out of context, like Bella thrashing around having a nightmare.

candykizzes24 on Tumblr 

Though this one starts out looking like a perfume ad, it’s pretty racy. Also, I don’t know where they got a lot of this footage from—photo shoots?

melbietoast on Tumblr

mia47 on Tumblr

Yeah, I can almost buy RPattz as a successful businessman here. I would’ve liked to see more of Bella Swan’s lip-biting, since that’s the stage that Anastasia is at in the beginning of Master/Fifty Shades.

melbietoast on Tumblr

The best video I’ve seen, and interestingly, the only one in color.

Source: @nataliezutter

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