August 05, 2012

German IN Magazine (August 2, 2012) + Translation

Schneeflittchen or gold-Marie?

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The Twilight star has apologized publicly for the wild affair with Rupert Sanders. But what's more light behind it, genuine remorse or just a perfidious plan?

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A look says more than a thousand kisses. With Kristen Stewart (22) and Rupert Sanders (41) he tells a story that is more exciting than any thriller and more heartache carries with it than most dime novels.
The Twilight beauty has with the director not only Robert Pattinson (26) deceived and destroyed a family, she has also had the dream of a burst Twilight dream team.
A few days ago, the actress makes headlines with snapshots, they were entwined: amorous glances, forbidden kisses but no sex. A shock fürRobert Pattinson.
"He is deeply hurt," says a pal. The fact that Kristen public apology rendered, it could not prevent them from moving out of the joint House in LA.
"I'm so sorry. I love him I love him," she apologizes publicly for Rob. That their nerves are on edge, is evident. Just a day after the affair became public, she argues in the street with her fitness trainer. Frustrated about lost love or from fear that the promoters could suffer for the last part of the vampire saga under the farce?
Since late 2009 she was first spotted with her privately Twilight costar Robert, the authenticity of their relationship is disputed. For three years she shied away from any public acknowledgment of their love back like vampires before garlic-laden morning air.

Hollywood insiders say after the recent events of the perfect staging a "PR love for promotional purposes." The love of scandal as a PR multiplier. Fst is that Kristen and Rob are contractually obliged to walk the red carpet at premieres. Will you go out of the way now? Or they make the best of a bad job? Fans and photographers eagerly Sect now the next public appearance of the two opposed. And yet, friends are sure, however: "Robert is zufiefst verlettz and feels humiliated." Because she has enlisted for her tick? Doubts about Kristen's feelings are justified. Did she end the relationship often reputed to Rob a PR with a bang? If one goes in search of clues seem to fit everything perfectly: Sanders commented after Kristen's statement entschultigte also publicly with his family. He was surprised by the sudden openness of his affair? Any other secret Hollywood couples have such a secretive hanky-Mechtel. R'Pattz that, as his fans lovingly nenen him, then grabbed the suitcase is only logical. His fans seem to decrease the role of the horned friend, the image of the vampire sad now shines in his private life.

Rob as a tragic hero, who now wants to fight a duel with his rival, even Sanders in a four-on-one meeting. The well at the box office accuses: This scandal captured Robert back the female fans who have turned him back because of Kristen. "You must again give hope," said a Hollywood insider, "We are here in Hollywood. There's a lot of money. There are all means necessary."

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