August 10, 2012

Kristen Stewart in German Magazine "Morgenpost" Scan + Tanslation

Kristen Stewart dare to not get out!

Article and Translation under the Cut:

LOS ANGELES - Better to remain under cover: 
U.S. actress Kristen Stewart (22) is a shamed of her affair so much that they dare not appear in public! She has even canceled the premiere of her own film. Reason: Your co-star of the best friend of Robert Pattinson (26). Your embarrassing scandal director Rupert Sanders (41) cheating with the married Kristen Stewart takes a maximum. To escape the public humiliation she has hidden herself completely. Even the premiere of her latest film "On The Road" next Thursday in London, wants to stay away from the actress.  
Officially, Stewart probably will not be distracted by the gossip about their sex lives of the film. The real reason is probably spicy: it would be on the red carpet her co-star Tom Sturridge (26) is met - and that is very thick with the heard Kristen's boyfriend Robert Pattinson. 
A Insider (note from me: I hate the insider): "Tom is very vengeance Kristen Robert believes that it is very embarrassing for them to promote his next film.." The celebrity portal "RadarOnline" Here it was the film adaptation of the famous Jack Kerouac's novel (German: "Road") is very important.  
The Informant: "She wants her performance and the movie is to be recognized for what they are - a great adaptation of a classic book." While Stewart still dives, Pattinson wants to go on the offensive. In the next week he is in two U.S. television talk-show guest. (We reported on this)

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