August 02, 2012


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Despite the self-inflicted serve Kristen Stewart (22) in recent days as cannon fodder for the tabloids had, by the way she cares about and to consider new jobs on land.

Today is a message from the U.S. that they will star in an indie-film adaptation of the novel, "Lie Down in Darkness" by William Styron (1951).

Kristen is the main role of Peyton Loftis assume that part of a disordered and disintegrating family. She is constantly compared to her paralyzed sister Maudie and her beauty makes them the object of their hatred, jealous, emotionally cold mother. She is also the target of her incestuous father's boozing.

The role was also Jennifer Lawrence (21) are offered, but it is clamped in the near term, "Catching Fire" and "X-Men."

When the filming of "Lie Down" begins is not yet known. But is "Crazy Heart" director Scott Cooper already fixed for the job behind the camera. Kristen Stewart will soon be accessible on the action movie "Cali" in front of the camera.

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