August 11, 2012

More pictures and details for Robert Pattinson's artwork, 'Unfinished City', and autographed photo for the Home Plate Project

UPDATE: The dimension for the home plate are 15.5 x 15.5 and the picture is 4 x 6. Also, bidding has reached $3000. :) 

UPDATE 2: ARIZONA FANS: "For fans who live in AZ & want to see the plate in person you can see them all weekend at the Diamondbacks games, section 126" (via

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Rob is a giver and this time, he's giving back to the Arizona Diamondbacks through their charity project, Home Plate Project. Click HERE if you missed our first post explaining the cause but here's a quick recap on Rob's involvement, along with a couple more details:
  • Rob's assistant, Jeff,  who knows one of the HPP team members, asked Rob to donate to the Home Plate Project and Rob was more than excited to do so. 
  • The home plate was shipped to Rob and was then sent back about a month ago.
  • Rob created a one-of-a-kind, art piece, sketched in pencil and titled it Unfinished City.
  • The artwork is on a legitimate, wooden home plate that has been painted white. 
  • Rob's plate is being displayed in Arizona with the CEO of the DiamondbacksDerrick Hall's home plate donation
  • While bidding was at $150 less than 24 hours ago before the project was spread through the fandom, it is currently at $2525 and rising! Rob's plate is also currently the highest bid plate.
  • Click HERE to bid! Bidding ends Aug. 31st.
The Home Plate Project team sent over some better images of Rob's donation as well as the autographed photo that is included in the bid. They will see if they can gather more information about Rob's inspiration but they had this to say: "We're just thankful and grateful that he stepped up like he did and the finished product that you see is from his hands and vision."

We're grateful and thankful, too, that Rob has shared another side of his many talents and for a worthy cause, Ozanam Manor. :)

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Thanks for robsessedpattinson

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