August 26, 2012

Scan and article: Robert in Mexico Diary 'It's been crazy' (Translation)

In today's paper Robert appears on the first page of the Journal of Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua! newspaper photo and article!


As you probably have heard, this is something that has received some attention in the media, the stars of the saga 'Twilight', Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, broke a few weeks ago. In fact, you have probably seen at least one of the stories. Everyone saw them, including his own Pattinson. "Yes, I read something about it," says the British actor aged 26, interviewed very early in the morning at a hotel in New York. "It's my life and I want to know about it. In fact I felt the need to read. It's one of those things like when we scratch a scab. We know we should not do it, but it is a very strange addiction. And desperately want to stop. " 

It's been only a few weeks since a tabloid caught Stewart, Pattinson's girlfriend for four years and lived with him in a position extremely friendly with Robert Sanders, who directed her in the film 'Snow White and the Huntsman' currently in theaters. Since then, the tabloids, the serious press, electronic media and the Internet can not seem to talk about something else. 
And this is very difficult for Pattinson, who really would rather talk about his new film, 'Cosmopolis', an unconventional drama characteristic of David Cronenberg. 
"It's to go crazy," he says. "Just crazy. I do not know how to cope. Actually I do not know, "Pattinson said while laughing. 
"Sometimes it all seems very funny," he admits. "It's pretty funny. As ridiculous I find my life. And sometimes it's absurd. " 

With the fans on their side 
Almost without exception, the fans of 'Twilight' is sided with Pattinson in the madness of this scandal, which is not surprised. From the day he was released "Twilight" (2008), he says, he felt the warmth of the affection of the fans. 
"It's crazy to feel such affection by the fans," he says. "That does not attribute it to me. What happens is that there is something elemental in the books and movies of Twilight. People have identified with the central story. It's amazing that fans love, "Pattinson continues. 
"I guess it's much better than the hatred of all", he says. He also gave the fans want to keep the same balance that was before Twilight became the star. "I wanted to change," he jokes. 
"But I could not change. I could not get a bad attitude ... The truth is I have not changed. Right now I have exactly the same amount of yin and yang. " On 'Cosmopolis' When Cronenberg, famous independent filmmaker, whose recent films include "A History of Violence" (2005) and 'Dangerous Promises' (2007), gave the script for 'Cosmopolis' based on a novel by Don DeLillo, Pattinson had a problem . He could be viewed as Eric Parker, billionaire fund manager 28 years of age. Eric's world begins to crumble when he addresses in his limo to get a haircut with his father's old barber, as he risks his huge fortune on a bet. A Pattinson was impressed by the scenes in which the path of Eric, seemingly banal, it involves riots, with many visitors and some intimate encounters. 

The only problem was ... "I was honest with David and told him that I had loved the script, but do not quite understand it," Pattinson reveals. "I knew that if I tried to have a conversation with bullshit about it, David would call attention". Most scenes are in the limo Pattinson. Fortunately, the actor says it's not claustrophobic. "In fact I quite enjoyed it," he says. 

"At first I wanted to stay in the car all day. But the heat was unbearable. Actually I could not do it. " His next film is, of course, the final installment of 'Twilight: The Saga: Breaking Dawn, to be released in November. '' Cosmopolis'' had nothing to do with it, which was deliberate. 

Eternals 17 
For fans of 'Twilight' watching with fear the end of the saga, Pattinson has some words of hope. "I'm sure he will soon make a TV series based on 'Twilight,'" he says. "They're going to re-do '.
"Presumably Pattinson not participate in it. However, it has been said of a previous film 'Twilight'. Would he be willing to return to play Edward Cullen? "Who knows?" Pattinson responds laughing. 
"All that is a small problem is that it is assumed that the vampire is 17 years for all eternity. "And do not think I can be 17 forever!"


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