September 20, 2012

More details on the Soundtrack of Breaking Dawn - Part 2

MTV released some details on the Soundtrack of Breaking Dawn part 2. Then more information:

From MTV: Hey, "Twilight" fans! Do you know that less than two months to see Breaking
Dawn - Part 2? The conclusion of an epic franchise.

This week, we turn to some speculation about the film's music, specifically artists can be in the final soundtrack.
The two artists already confirmed include Passion Pit and Iko. The specific song from Passion Pit has not yet been confirmed, but we're guessing that will come from her latest album,  Gossamer.  Passion Pit is an interesting option, because their sound is primarily electro pop, and is in contrast to previous albums, full of slower songs and emotionally charged. The track is Iko "Heart of Stone", fits well into the theme of strip-of-your-heartstrings of the soundtrack.

This does not mean that we should not expect some upbeat songs of power, especially since we're quite sure things end in a happy place with this film. So who else is going to make the cut? I've seen some fans pressing for Muse, which seems appropriate given a selection of Stephenie Meyer's love for the band. I love rock ballad or rock anthem on this album - the latter is a great fit for the final battle between the army Cullen-mounted against the Volturi or training montage, for that matter.

Do not forget that several members of the cast of the film are also musicians. Fans have been dying to Robert Pattinson lend your voice to another album, but the actor is notoriously shy about his music. Maybe has made an exception for this movie end? I've seen some other campaigns for Billy Burke track or two. I'm pretty sure we're going to hear a couple of cast members from the soundtrack, but when I met Bill Condon recently hesitated about my direct question about the track list. I think everyone would like to know some more official details.

Who would you most like to see off their vocal styles on the soundtrack? Share your ideas in the comments!

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