September 27, 2012

Program 'Marathon Twilight' in the Belgian Kinepolis

Tickets for the marathon Twilight in theaters Kinepolis Belgium are now on sale!

Two options are available:

The program 'Double Revelation' to 14.60 €
9:30pm Breaking Dawn Part 1
0:01am Breaking Dawn Part 2

The program Marathon 35 €
2:00pm: Doors
2:15pm: Twilight
4:45pm: New Moon
7:30pm: Eclipse
9:50pm: Breaking Dawn Part 1
0:01am: Breaking Dawn Part 2

To reserve your place, it is HERE

And while we're talking marathon in Belgium, I want to announce that Acinapolis Legswill also complete a marathon Tuesday, November 13. The place will be € 30.
Places will soon be for sale, see website .

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