October 05, 2012

Robert's Interview with Tu Magazine (Chile) - Scans+Translation

Source: Robsten Chile

Being a vampire has to be fun. What vampiric quality would you like to have?
 I think Edward is tired of being a vampire. The cons outweigh the advantages. You have extraordinary physical qualities but you can't do anything in your life. What good is having power if you can't use them and have to hide all the time? I think Carlisle liked it more, at least he studied languages ​​and stuff, Edward doesn't even read (Laughs). The only thing Edward does in a hundred years is complain. What gives him pleasure is anything related to Bella, when she approves of him while being human he begins to accept what he is. And then she wants to be like a vampire; even she is more prepared to be a vampire.

What does it feels after so many years playing the same in-love vampire ?
 After doing the first three films, you get to a point where you understand the character the way in which you don't know where you end and where he starts. I spent so much time filming in Vancouver that I can say things like: "Edward wouldn't do that because I wouldn't." I haven't read the books since we made the second movie because I have that sensation of: "this is what he would do".

Edward choose a strong partner to accompany the rest of his life, do you like strong women?
 I was raised in a house full of women, who are all very strong... if you only have sisters and you are the smallest you'll always end in minority.

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