October 28, 2012

Mackenzie Foy interview with @Teen.com

She already revealed that Robert Pattinson‘s the coolest celebrity dad, but Mackenzie Foy‘s still got plenty of Breaking Dawn — Part 2 on- (and off-) set secrets to spill. During our chat with the soon-to-be 12-year-old, she opens up about her first meetings with Rob, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, her most embarrassing moments, the cast swear jar (yup, that happened) and her love for a little boy band named One Direction(!). 

How would you describe Renesmee?
She is very nice. And also, she's shy. She is half vampire so it grows very quickly. It's weird. And it is very, very smart.

You're not allowed to read the Twilight books, but you can watch the movies.Why?
I'm not old enough.

But you're old enough to watch movies. What did you think?
Yes. I found very cool. I loved it.
How was your meeting with Rob, Kristen and Taylor?
The first time I met Rob and Kristen, I made fittings for my wig but I do not remember what they were - I think they were hair - and I have just said, "I My name is Mackenzie. " I met Taylor during my first day of shooting, we had scenes together. I said hello.

What was the scene that you preferred tour with Taylor?
I had lots of fun during the filming of the scenes, it's hard to choose one. Being on the back of Jacob wolf is my favorite scene. I like it a lot. It was kind of a mechanical bull but without the head. It was hairy ... But Taylor was not there.

You do Tae Kwon Doe and Taylor also practice martial arts. Have you discussed?
Yes, we talked. The first time I talked with him, I was a blue belt. Now I am junior black belt. We made pumps.

It was a competition between you?
Yes, it was very funny. I do not remember who won, but I remember having a lot.

You play football too?
We tried. Taylor threw the ball very high and very far, I grabbed but I relançais 10 cm.

Off camera, what kind of times have you shared with stakeholders?
I went hiking with Kristen and it was great fun. We played lots of games with Taylor and my mom showed them something on his iPhone and they have not stop playing. It was very funny.

Robert revealed that you had won a lot of money with the players around you swore ...
I started to hear bad words and I decided to do up a 'bowl swearing'. It was a small container with stickers on it.

You told them they needed to do or ... ?
In fact, they all wanted to participate because they have a problem. They need help.

Who swears the most?
I will not tell!

You said in an interview that you wanted to be a director. It is still relevant?
Oh yes.

What kind of movies?
I did not really think. I guess all genres.

You said you loved action movies, maybe it?
Yes! I do a lot of action movies!

Have you had any embarrassing moments on set?
I fell a lot. I remember being tripped and fell, but it is often with me ... Sometimes I make a scene and I stumble and do it all over again.

What kind of music do you like?
For the moment, I love One Direction. They are nice.

Who is your favorite?

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