October 11, 2012

Question Time with Kristen Stewart

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On October 18th, 2012 will be a live interview with Kristen Stewart at balenciagafragrance.com transferred

For Kristen Stewart, it seems to run smoothly again: Balenciaga is thrilled with the actress as the face of Florabotanica, the new fragrance on the label. The "Twilight" actress has reconciled with Robert Pattinson - they should even be a couple again. And: It is being praised for her role in "On the Road".

You want to know something specific from Kristen Stewart? Until October 18th, 2012 You do not have the chance to ask the actress about her role as muse and testimonial for Balenciaga personal questions. Register for free to balenciagafragrance.com. In a live interview with Virginie Mouzat (former chief fashion editor of Le Figaro) Kristen Stewart will answer network in Los Angeles. The interview will be translated and shown live at balenciagafragrance.com and facebook.com/balenciaga be.

Mark your calendars: Kristen Stewart to give an exclusive live interview on October 18th at 3pm EST – 9pm Paris time
Interview will air on http://balenciagafragrance.com/fr and on Balenciaga Facebook page  
Go to http://balenciagafragrance.com/en/live-interview to register and submit your question today! 
Additional details will follow soon.

Source: Glamour Germany 

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