November 12, 2012

More from LATimes Sit-Down with Kristen & Stephenie Meyer

On Twilight:
“The first one felt like our one-shot, didn’t it?” Meyer asks Stewart during a recent wide-ranging interview with the L.A. Times. “[Our attitude was] we are all going to go have fun and make a vampire movie and that’s it, we will walk away from it. I don’t think anyone of us thought it was going to be five years of our life.”
On the Pressure of the Saga:
I never let the imposing, ever-present cloud of pressure affect me,”Stewart said. “To me, it was all pressure from the inside. Not the outside. That could have been crippling. You would wind up playing a really disjointed character if you were trying to satisfy a hundred thousand girls.”
I wanted to protect [Bella] so badly. That’s how I find myself gravitating to certain roles,” she said. “I have to say though, considering we didn’t know we were going to finish the series, we made the first one our own in a way I would never, ever, ever feel humanly comfortable doing later on. I was much more concerned with detail later on in the series.”
Full Article at the LATimes. And, you can read the first part of their interview here.

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