November 21, 2012

More 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' deleted scene info revealed

Adding to the deleted The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 scene information revealed yesterday by director Bill Condonare a few new details about what Twilight Saga fans should expect to see on theBreaking Dawn - Part 2 DVD special features. 
Bill Condon added to MTV, "There are a few more scenes of the Volturi traveling around the world. There's one scene with Bella training, which seemed to be redundant so we took it out, but it's very cool you know? And then there's a big speech on the field, which we'll see a rough version of on the DVD ... it's just Bella trying to become a badass fighter and failing at it ... the only reason I really miss it is there's this roundhouse kick at the end that Rob taught her how to do." 
Both the Bella (Kristen Stewart) training sequence deletion and the removal of Garrett (Lee Pace)'s speech were revealed before, but the part about having scenes involving the Volturi traveling the world is new. 
Perhaps this is something involving the oh-so-talked-about French coven - Henri (Amadou Ly) and Yvette (Janelle Froehlich)?


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