November 23, 2012

Robert in the Joy Magazine (German) December 2012

"I cried a lot!"

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart ventured with a second attempt. In JOY, he talks about great disappointments, children and his girlfriend - just go through the foreign affair, he says nothing.

JOY: You owe "Twilight" your big time. Four years and five films given the long saga her life - her friend Kristen Stewart They met on the set. How did you feel on the very last day of filming of "Breaking Dawn 2"?

Robert: The last shooting took place in Vancouver and asked us all from a lot. It rained constantly, was bitterly cold and we were shooting at night for weeks. Added to this was that we both "Breaking Dawn" - turned parts one after the other. In the end, I felt just still miserable - by the bye was of me the whole crew a little bit easier because I was just happy that we had finally made it.

JOY: What person from the Twilight crew, they will keep in touch?

Robert: I hope with as many. You are in LA to my best and oldest friends. When I moved here, I did not know anyone except the operations of my family cafes (laughs). Friendships among actors must maintain but difficult because everyone turns to anywhere else in the world.

JOY: You and Kristen Stewart fell in 2008, equal to the shooting of the first film together. Is it an advantage and disadvantage of working with a person who is also one private very close?

Robert: In my experience, the chemicals in the workplace is generally relaxed, if one is privately knows and likes. It helped me, my role better implement.

JOY: Kristen herself has changed in the last four years?

Robert: It is obviously a bit older now (laughs), but otherwise still the same. Your image has now changed somewhat. In the press, they came earlier over extremely shy, like she was privately always been very self-confident -. She is a real little daredevil "On the very first day of shooting they zoffte with the director and the producer of that time she was only 18, was of getting their opinion - and fought for is news is that they are now interested in fashion Previously she had at the Paris Fashion Week had no fun and now she wants to sit in the front row...

JOY: In "Breaking Dawn 2" you have a baby. Have you felt comfortable in the role as a father?

Robert: Very much so, because Mackenzie Foy, who plays Renesmee our daughter is a real treasure. With her big doe eyes she immediately wrapped me (laughs). But we had to act together on the set and all because she was only eleven when turning and the whole crew always swore. Eventually we asked a dirty word box on and everyone who used the F-word or not cursing, throwing items, had money. We donated the proceeds to a children's hospital - and there came along a few (laughs).

JOY: If you also want to have children?

Robert: Yes, absolutely - sometime. The trouble is that the expectations are so incredibly high to me and I may lose only (laughs). For four years, I played a character that is unequaled romantic and understanding, I mime undjetzt also a overprotective daddy. If your parade film role is so positively, that is expected of you in real life too. Actors who always represent only villains fall on private rather pleasant times. Fortunately, I am by nature very romantic and sensitive. What is an advantage but not always (laughs).

JOY: How can that be a disadvantage?

Robert: I cry very easily, and I cry a lot ... I'm actually in a relationship as a girl (laughs).

JOY: Were you in love ever unhappy?

Robert: Oh yeah! At 20, I am immortal in love with a girl that I met while skiing. Our contact was limited to three short talks, unfortunately, but I was blown away, unfortunately I never saw her again.

JOY: What has been your biggest disappointment?

Robert: At 17, I had managed to get a great part in a theater in London, but already two samples I got fired. At that time I was too inexperienced to understand unwritten laws. The entire ensemble is always met at a certain time, but then all sat around 45 minutes long and had tea. They were all friends with each other, but I knew no one. So I thought: I'll just 40 minutes later each time to sit around not stupid. So I obviously broke an important English tradition.

JOY: Drive really sports?

Robert: No, you do not see this (laughs)? Only topless scenes I agonize. My "vampire brothers' train for it like crazy - and I was funny enough, the only one who has brought himself in the fight scenes never a sprain (laughs).

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