December 31, 2012

#Cosmopolis No. 1 Top 10 Forgotten Films of 2012!

Cosmopolis has divided critics and audiences baffled by Cronenberg and underestimated their latest offering. I could go on for hours talking about why Cosmopolis was the number one film of 2012 and why they should not be on this list at all. For every complaint about this film, Pattinson's performance looks, the dialogues, the only answer is "that's the point!" I repeat over and over again while I beat my head against a wall. Pattinson's character was ... mask his total detachment, his despair. The conversations were in conflict was because people could not understand, I mean ... gah. I mean (again) was very unappreciated Cosmopolis in 2012 and for this reason in our top 10 at #1.


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