December 10, 2012

Kristen Stewart confirms film with Ben Affleck

Kristen Stewart will be back next year to make a film with Ben Affleck. They also tried in an unaccustomed genre, because the film is a comedy.

Several weeks ago was already rumored that Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck are planning a joint project. They were spotted having lunch and as it otherwise does not necessarily bring the two together, it could really only be a joint project. Kristen Stewart reportedly wants Ben Affleck as the lead actress for his next film "Focus" which is about a rogue couple. The rumors are now gone because Kristen Stewart himself has confirmed the project now.
"I can confirm the rumor. It's a comedy. We start in April to turn. I would like to see a little more in between micro-project, because to April is a long time "
Kristen is quoted by Perez Hilton. Can it really be possible that the movie producers in K-Stew do not line up? Apparently the 22-year-old a little air on their calendars. However, we are convinced that this will change soon after it is called now.

Besides Kristen is also likely to co-star Affleck pleased that the 22-year-old has landed the role in the strip. So the Hollywood star recently spoke enthusiastically about such a possibility.
"I am hesitant when it comes to the casting, because I do not know what is good. There are constantly new people on board and go,"
said the 40-year-old in this context, in an interview with E! News.
"But Kristen is fantastic and I hope it works out."

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