December 27, 2012

Kristen Stewart: I act honestly to yourself, feel 's great!

Draw the forbidden love between human and vampire, I also finally final "Twilight" series, which let the crazy women around the world in the heart of a teenager! In "The Twilight Saga / Breaking Dawn Part 2" New top, our last fight in thrilling vampire is drawn around the birth of Bella got pregnant with Edward's child vampire husband. Kristen Stewart actress since being appointed to the heroine at the age of 17, he has been supporting the popularity of this work, looked back many of the memories surrounding the shooting of this film, and thoughts on the role.

■ The biggest attraction series, "passion" of the actors and staff
It has become final and finally: Q.
I think so. The past five years, I've been feeling a lot of really special moments. What is a normal movie, about five weeks of shooting is completed, "Twilight" series, but I become so that I did not say goodbye and so that works.It's those five years. I feel proud that we accomplish this work. Of course there's also a feeling but is feeling lonely, on the one hand, such as those released finally. Is it possible that any new challenge now, now, are you also excited.

Q: As you say, but it is longer than five years I University.Are you there were not also deepened ties with their co-star?
It was almost the same age everyone, to participate in this kind of movie because it was the first time, I felt that is united together. I think I get along with each other just because a really good cast, and was able to work great so far. It is also the same is true of the crew. Because after the first two films was the same crew all the way, each time you want to create a new work, the scene was like a reunion like atmosphere. It 's a good friend like family. Shall not have been doing together for five years and Nantes fellow incompatible (laughs).
Q: Over the five years, this work came to be loved and continue Why do you think?
People involved in this movie was full of passion and energy that everyone Kurietibu "I want to create a new one." What I really hate is to imitate something. Also a character called Bella, I think'm not impersonation of the heroine as ever Yes, it was a completely new heroine image. Works depicting a vampire, but a lot of the world ever came out, I wanted to create a movie like you've never seen anyone.Not just me, are common to all the cast, it was everyone trying to make a new character image. If such energy was Tsutawa~tsu the audience, I'm glad it.

■ The complete series, finally happy and Jacob?
Q: You have a lot of fans are looking forward to the latest, I think worrisome to say the least, and they love triangle between the whereabouts of Jacob and Edward. Jacob, mon I really pitiful!
Ha-ha! How about you. Jacob I have also always feel sorry for me. I think this final series is said to be in the ending, but all fans can agree. I was able to convince the actions that (laughs), she has taken finally myself, many I've had that thought while playing the Bella "You! Obscure more" me. So, surely I should be able to be satisfied of Jacob fan!
Q: When we speak of the "Twilight" series, does not it? Girls raised in the school or school Edward or Jacob
It, you know Suggoi! You're still my Edward. Jacob I, not a little too straight? I think Jacob and me to be absolutely happy together perhaps. It's type compromised Edward, I'm serious too have failed to love, called burn That's why I know Bella's feelings. Straight 's too boring Jacob, (laughs).
Q: In previous work, we will deploy and Bella impact that pregnancy and childbirth. She is also called to experience pregnancy and childbirth-married young, but it is interesting in real somewhere.
Is that so. When Part 1 has been published, I've been told by many people, "Bella! I get pregnant" What, are pretty child birth I married at the age of about her? The other party, except that I'm even Vampire (laughs). Bella is trying to protect the child conceived in the stomach with all one's heart, I think one of the other real, Edward is Bella scene in favor of life, children need not called. What is man, because I'm not have a baby in my tummy, to see the face of your own child, do not you feel as a parent can have easily.

■ not a Hollywood star, it is said to be proud creator of one person
Q: very long career in Hollywood, as well as a successful young actress, you became a star. Is it not very I come back down to earth?
It appeared in the "Twilight" series for sure, I was really up the attention from around, someone now has always interfere. But you know, I think my true feelings and, who knows the hell out of them myself? I do not know anyone. I do not have to care as much as possible, I do not think so with star yourself. What I really like is that the one of the actors to make a movie, make a movie. You can even watch a movie if a good laugh even if there is a hard thing? I take pride in being one of the creators that have such power.
I How do you think your own, and have grown in the past five years: Q?
Appeared at the age of 17 in this work, I am now 22 years old. I think that's the case for anyone, it is probably also the best time to experience many things that as a woman I five years? I think getting a lot of things, I mean, not what specifically, and lost a lot of stuff. Always been noted for having appeared in this movie, I was a lot stronger. I do not want to say that I really like. Still, and may hurt someone's thoughtless words.
Q: Bella is a very strong woman. From her, what did you learn?
There is always time called, "What am I do not know" What people want to know the correct answer. Even though you may not know the answer though, I like the Bella I, where Tsukisusumeru believe my own intuition. I think I like the Bella girls, because she's very cool. When I first came to me this movie was a type I! "Tell me who want to know the right answer! How do I". Even though you may not know the correct answer even if, recently, I was able to act as their own as you want it to, but Bella. I act honestly to yourself, feel 's great!

"(That you are on your own) Be myself". Kristen became the "most earning actress in Hollywood" as the 22-year-old said so in a firm tone. Since being appointed to the heroine at the age of 17, even so the attention of the world at once, it is the stomach remains naturally she is probably because of that we have continued possession of such a policy. She was played through the core, seeing in this film is the last heroine Vera! From this work that is full of energy, I want to feel the passion of our staff.

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