January 01, 2013

First glimpse of the parody #BD2 & 2 Pics

You probably know the animated parodies 'How It Should Have Ended '(How it should have ended), which was attacked in films like Harry Pottter , Hunger Games , Casino Royal , etc.. ( see the YouTube channel )

While the first part of the saga Twilight had seen its end adapted (see HERE), it seems that Breaking Dawn Part 2 is also right to parody! Indeed, the end of the film have given ideas to creators ... 

They give us a glimpse of the project should be online within a few weeks

"I think the first 'How It Should Have Ended' of Twilight really sums up our opinion on the franchise, but then Breaking Dawn - Part 2 did this thing that I think is sort of questionable. So, whenever that happens, that's when we start making cartoons ... Should be ready in the next couple of weeks." - via examiner

Source: BDRevelation

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