January 01, 2013

Kristen Stewart among the Best of 2012 for the beauty magazine 'VOGUE PORTUGAL

Scarlet lips and sculpted curls, smoky eye and braids developed: the best beauty looks that attracted flashes in 2012, are here.

There were radical changes, such as the pixie haircut Anne Hathaway or Rihanna, or the return of the glamorous film icons Jessica Chastain and Blake Lively, the perpetrators of these 30 amazing images. Whether on the red carpet or asphalt, expert makeup and hair genius has not gone unnoticed, it has become the trends dictated that everyone tried to reproduce.

Ultimately, the positive balance was attributed to meticulous eyeliner and lipstick cherry, accessories and hair natural light, which closes the cycle of praise for feminine beauty. And what a beauty.

Source: Vogue translate by @rpattz_krisstew

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