January 07, 2013

The staff beauty Kristen says the actress in InStyle (February 2013)

In the issue of February 2013, U.S. magazine InStyle , staff beauty Kristen - Adir Abergel (hairdresser) and Jillian Dempsey (makeup), says the actress.

Kristen is begging me not to make her red lips' , says makeup artist Jillian Dempsey. So, what is your comfort zone? 'A hairstyle that requires no effort with a superb movement' (that's what Adir Abergel said her hairdresser), pink lips and smoky eyes that retain their consistency untouched. ' It would be the perfect muse for an advertising campaign for a makeup that lasts' jokes Dempsey. 'When it disappears, it still looks incredibly beautiful . "

'Kristen has porcelain skin - a dream. She does not hide her freckles, so we apply the makeup lightly ' - Jillian Dempsey

'No matter the cut, I like to keep the natural texture of natural waves that seem to have dried naturally' - Adir Abergel

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