February 25, 2013

The stylist told why Kristen Stewart was limping with crutches down the red carpet.

The stylist told why Kristen Stewart was limping with crutches down the red carpet. Pretty brave, our Kristen!

At the Academy Awards came with Kristen Stewart on crutches. Only been speculated that the "Twilight" Star sprained his ankle, but her make-up artist revealed that she had entered into glass and had a deep cut. Because of the pain she was limping on the Oscar stage.

At the Academy Awards to be there is such an honor that let the stars get hold of anything, and even in pain. Just like Kristen Stewart. The star of "Twilight" put the first meters on the red carpet back with crutches (we reported), which shocked her fans. Immediately raised the question: What is Kristen happened? First was speculated that she had sprained her ankle. But apparently this is not the case.

Your make-up artist Beau Nelson told "People" that Kristen Stewart has drawn two days ago a cut. "It has been two days ago rather violently cut her foot on glass." But the actress posed to the teeth and later for the photographer without crutches. In her gown by Reem Acra Kristen Stewart looked at the Oscars from usual magic. Her hair was open and she gave largely on accessories. When she later with Daniel Radcliffe presented an Oscar, she also left the crutches behind the stage and limped to the microphone.

She herself did not explain whether they actually have a cut on my foot, or whether it has violated otherwise. In any case, Kristen Stewart was probably the bravest person at the Academy Awards, which went ahead despite pain from the show. After all, even the Academy Awards for the Hollywood stars a very special event that nobody wants to miss.

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