March 25, 2013

Designer Osman Yousefzada talks about dressing Kristen

Grazia Daily: How did it come about that Kristen wore your design?

Osman: Her stylist took a liking to it, pulled it and and she loved it. I got lucky! It is always an honour when anybody takes to your designs. When it finds a home on someone like Kristen Stewart, I consider myself humbled and lucky.

Grazia Daily: Did you work with her stylist?

Osman: I have a showroom in LA [laChambre] that works directly with her stylist.

Grazia Daily: What is it about Kristen that made you want to dress her?

Osman: Kristen has a strong presence but in that there is restraint, there is an element of mystery...intrigue. She feels like a natural extension of my brand so it makes sense to me to see her in my clothes.

Grazia Daily: Did you meet Kristen?

Osman: Wouldn't that be lovely? But no. I imagine she'd be really cool. 

Grazia Daily: How did it feel when you saw Kristen wearing your design on the red carpet?

Osman: I woke up to wonderful Sunday morning with Twitter going crazy with pictures of Kristen looking stunning in our Pre-Fall check. She looked amazing!

Source: graziadaily

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