March 22, 2013

Kristen Stewart and Jules mentions why his daughter did not play in K-11

In the midst of promoting his film K-11, Jules Stewart Kristen mentions this time with E! and explains Kristen was ultimately no role in K-11. It's cute!

Kristen Stewart may be abandoned the project of his mother, K-11, but that does not mean it does not make a cameo in the film.

K.Stew voice made an appearance in the film about the life of a businessman, Raymond Saxx (played by Goran Visnjic), who finds himself thrown into the middle of the homosexual and transsexual unit of the Los Angeles jail after being arrested for illicit drug use.

"We had a role for which we were unable to find the right voice and is the secretary Raymond,"Jules told me in his office Libertine Films Production in LA "As it is outside, the phone trying desperately to call for information, his secretary answers the phone and tells him, and it's actually Kristen. It was perfect because it came at the last minute and all torn. It was perfect. '

Kristen had originally signed to play the role of Butterfly, a young transsexual who is in prison for murder.

"It was not the right time and it would not be a movie Kristen Stewart," said Jules. "She would be a second person and she was ready to do it, but we took into account the fact that the public was not ready to let her do it. It would be a second part, but it was when even seen as the main actress. It is not fair to other players who really carries the story, it was better for everyone that it is not involved. "

The son of Jules, Cameron, has a small role in the movie bad boy years.

"No, he does not want the same kind of success as her sister. Has a few things and it is est) commit if this is the right project," explains Jules. "But it is not out pounding the pavement trying to get a role. has a grip on the film industry and he is quite happy to do that and it's success. "

Really hope it can one day lead Kristen. "I do not think anyone who is such a place, the place of the director may refuse the opportunity to work with someone who is really talented," said Jules.

For now, she tries to get used to the attention she receives for K-11 as well as the publicity for the film should be.She learned what to do - and not do - in the presence of the press, looking at her daughter.


"Well, do not touch my hair [in the interviews], do not be nervous," said Jules then adds "I learned a lot by my daughter. She is really smart and very funny and has a real sense and solid position in life, and I really respect for it. It is solid. It's really ingrained. She has an old soul. We love it. "

[You can find his video interview here ]

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