March 26, 2013

Stephenie Meyer: Your favorite "Twilight" moments with Kristen and Rob

Stephenie Meyer created with "Twilight" is a wonderful story that is not only inspired millions in book, but also on the big screen. Just before the last part, "Breaking Dawn 2" will be released on DVD, the author again recalls her favorite scenes from the films.

Author Stephenie Meyer wrote the "Twilight" books and celebrated great successes. But not only on paper but also on the big screen the story of vampire Edward Cullen and Bella Swan was a great success. Soon, the last part of "Breaking Dawn 2" released on DVD and suitable for the occasion, the author again recalls the best "Twilight" moments in the movies.

In fact, her fondest memory is no direct scene, but the moment she Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have seen for the first time as Edward and Bella. "That's not something you see every day," Stephenie admits in an interview with "Inquirer Entertainment." "They looked just like my imaginary friends. It was as if someone had been in your head and suddenly your fantasy becomes reality. It's surreal and wonderful. "

The filming of a scene she is very special but not soon forget. How many "Twilight" fans for Stephenie Meyer is the wedding of Bella and Edward's something very special. "Everything has taken a long time and it was so terribly cold. Kristen stood there in her wedding dress - it was beautiful, a silk dress, and it fit her perfectly, "says the author. "It was so funny. It was one of the last scenes and she realized it slowly. It is definitely the best memory. "

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