April 18, 2013

Rob and Kristen at Marcus Foster Gig in LA - April 17, 2013

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Tonight has been the best night. I love Rob and Kristen, it was an amazing experience to be in the same room with them.
I can say from the very bottom of my heart & because I saw it with my eyes, yet but glimpses but love & tenderness between Rob & Kristen.
They were very sweet and APPROPRIATE from what I saw.


I've never seen someone get into a car so fast in my LIFE !! #robertpattinson lmao @debbiedebm look at him LEAP ������ pic.twitter.com/irZSLnVkSE

Seeing Robert tonight just made my day . Being in the same room ... Seeing him hang with friends .. His gorgeous smile !! Ahhh��

#robertpattinson ordered a Heineken tonight . Lol overheard his order

kristen left before Rob with a group of friends.

And #kristen is such a beauty ! Her skin is beautiful !!!!! She walked right by me&all I could do was stare at her !!! #dothekristen lol ;)

nooooo:((( she caught us completely off guard . She was walking pretty quickly too . The papz were following her.

Black hoodie and grey hoodie cuteness.

the answer to The Question is YES! and no paps!! YAY!!

it was really dark in there, so no good pics without flash. They were covered by their friends throughout most of the show
yes! I caught a few cuteness overload moments, they both looked happy :) and they got flipped the bird for taking pics by some of their peeps though

Source | Thanks to @Drawde_C 

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