May 02, 2013

This movie gets to close the mouths to belittle Robert Pattinson! #Criticizes New #Cosmopolis


This movie gets to close the mouths to belittle Robert Pattinson and place in a futuristic world (but portrayed as if it were in Manhattan underprivileged) of glamor and decadence to play the young billionaire Eric Packer. Spending most of the time talking with colleagues, lovers and employees within its lavish limousine-in which has ultra-modern monitors that tell the second of the movements of the stock markets, we see a day in the life of Packer in the that their business will plummet while worldwide are growing increasingly protests over economic inequality.

The biggest challenge for the viewer and, simultaneously, the greatest attribute of this film is the dialogue saturated with philosophical and psychological reflections that come directly from DonDelillo novel in which the film is based. But the expertise to create the atmosphere and illustrate the reflections show the great capacity of the principal to discuss our world through one created by him. The density of this film explains the mixed reviews from critics but, if we accept brainstorm receive, we are left with more than memorable.

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