May 02, 2013

Kristen talks about Nicholas and Balenciaga in a new interview with 032c

The German magazine 032c dedicated its cover and 38 pages of his summer number of former Balenciaga designer Nicholas Ghesquière, calling it a "monument" to the end of spring season 2013 Ghesquière.

But let's get to the juicy part: Kristen Stewart, a friend and ambassador of Ghesquière, has contributed with several sentences embedded-as-bombs to the article. She tells In looz:

"He is a reminder of how fucking annoying are all the others.'s Not easy to walk down a catwalk that will have everyone in a second. Nicolas is the kind of person who loves to swim in rough waters ..."

"I felt the happiest person I've ever felt like wearing these clothes. Androgynous I have also been and rigid. Like you're wearing a fucking building."
She also remembers the time after the final collection for Balenciaga, when he told her he was leaving the house: "I was like, 'Dude, are you okay?' and he was like (in a French accent) , 'Yes, yes.'ll tell you soon, but there are things that are going to happen. "Before I left, he was like,' Well, I'll tell '.'m so fucking proud of him, because what he was about to do was to shake the world of people. He was just like, 'think of me'. thought it was the cool fucking thing. "

032c also gave an additional sentence the Cut Exclusive Stewart: "The look on his face after the show, he had that look when in reality you tell a child who is not allowed to do something. And he was not going to defend him fully, and I was like, 'I flee completely with you.' "

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