May 20, 2013

Sighting of Rob & Kristen at Santa Barbara, Ca. @robsten_0405 (May 18,2013)

OMG Kristen and Rob just pass by me I wanted to scream, but my husband is with me. I don't know Who I should reply back cuz I might just be replying to people Who want to turn this around you know Who I am talking about. But what I saw was true hopefully somebody saw them too. I saw them heading toward a big group of people and ahead of us I could hear music. sorry I didn't get pics but my husband doesn't know that they are my idols. My nephew lives there I am just visiting him. I was hoping somebody else would see them for a minute I thought I was imaging them. there was a group of people in front of them but don't know if they were together (the group & RK). They look like dolls very normal couple. 

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