June 26, 2013

James Woods talking about Kristen :)

James Woods on Kristen Stewart: 
"Stop being so beautiful!' ....But she can still play a real person."

He was pumped to be joining forces with director Roland Emmerich on his White House invasion picture, where Woods plays a Secret Service agent he describes as having a “tremendous amount of personal complexity,” but he was just as happy jumping down tangents involving Sergio Leone, David Cronenberg, and Kristen Stewart. That man is a wealth of Hollywood knowledge, open to sharing whenever the opportunity presents itself. 
“You see, the character in ‘Contact’ through an ad lib became a totally different character. The very last thing I did, where I went, ‘And…and…’ and all that, that was ad libbed. And Robert said, ‘Oh my God, this solves the problem because I couldn’t figure out what your character’s point of view would be.’ It’s really that he knows what happened and we’re not telling anybody. I did it once in one take.” 
On Kristen Stewart and Eventually Directing: 
“I was set to do ‘An American Girl’ with Kristen Stewart and then this happened. Now we’re just working out an agreement on the rights. It’s still something she very much wants to do. I’m hoping she’ll do that. It’s torturous getting things made. For example, that movie, because it’s a post-Middle East war film, and it’s about it happening, it works better when the ‘war is over’ than it does during it. No one has ever done a movie about a woman marine. Which is why I want to do it. 
She’s perfect for it. She was 18 when we first talked about it. She has a natural — and I mean this as a compliment — American, hometown, tough blue collar girl thing she can deliver. I was thinking of ‘Into the Wild.’ She’s been in these big blockbuster movies, but I love her in small movies where she gets to explore character. I would believe her as a young woman marine. I’ve spent a lot of time around military people. One of the things I was worried about is that she became so beautiful. ‘Stop being so beautiful!’ She grew into this raging beauty. But she can still play a real person.” 
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