June 09, 2013

New info on Dior's Commercial? The Director's Name?

We usually don't post any rumors but this seems to be some pretty legit information, coming directly from one of the official Cannes' Press kits.

Laura who was kind enough to email us, did some research and found new information about a "soon-to-be-released Dior commercial starring Robert Pattinson".

You can find the exact quote in the Press Kit for the movie 'All is Lost' on page 13.

Peter Zuccarini is listed as "underwater director of photography" in the press kit. On his imdb page, we can find a Dior commerical with Romain Garvas' name attached to it.

It's not much, but it looks like we now know the name of the director who did the commercial: Romain Gavras (he's on twitter - @ROMAIN_GAVRAS)

What's even more exciting and interesting though, is that Rob seems to be a fan of his work. Back in August, during the NYC Cosmopolis promo, Rob mentioned Romain Gavras' name HERE (last video of the post) at 00:28.
Josh Horowitz asked him who he wanted to win for the 'VMA Picks For Video Of The Year'. In case you can't see the video, here's a short transcript:

Josh: "Do you have a favorite among these?
Rob: "I mean, ... I love Romain Gavras who did the M.I.A. video."

Here's the video he mentioned.

He also mentioned Gavras in his interview with Les InRockuptibles
RP: (...) And I saw a bit of the Justice set. I love their videos.
Q: The one directed by Romain Gavras?
RP: Yes, Stress. Another French that rocks.

You can find all of the director's commercials and music videos on his official Vimeo page. His 'Addidas Is All In' commercial definitely showcases his talent. We can't wait!


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