June 25, 2013

Robert Pattinson sparks Fifty Shades of Grey rumours after he parties with E.L. James...

The Twilight actor, 27, threw a Great Gatsby-themed party at his home in Los Angeles over the weekend and the British novelist was one of the many A-list guests. 
Rob’s pal Todd Michael Schultz, a singer/songwriter, told HollywoodLife.com: ‘It was a really good party. Trust me, it was the best people. 
‘EL James was there, she was really cool. Dianne Warren, the songwriter, was there. Lisa Zane sang a few songs. Warren Beatty was there, chilling with EL James.’ 
James, whose real name is Erika Mitchell, has admitted in the past that her trilogy of books was partly inspired by Twilight. 
But in a previous interview where she was asked whether Pattinson and his co-star Kristen Stewart would be suited to the role of Grey and his young lover Anastasia Steele, James said it would be ‘weird’. 
She said: ‘I think it would be too strange! It would just be . . . Ugh, weird.’
But that didn’t seem to put Pattinson off and he joked in an interview with MSN that he’d won the role last year. 
‘I am playing that part,’ he said before bursting out laughing. ‘I also wrote the book.’
Sam Taylor-Johnson will be directing Fifty Shades of Grey, which is due out in 2015. - 

from me: 

This is how rumors and it all sucks .. but it was announced shortly after the weekend that she was only there as a guest and he is not interested to take over the role .. they are, have almost the same boyfriend or known circle .. clear that one meets there once ..


I do not get it!!!!!

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