June 26, 2013

'The Rover': more info about the Film (tweets) @TheRoverMovie

Here are the informations from the fan site dedicated to the film that has already given us the set pictures

Q @hugURob:  "How do you know?"
A @TheRoverMovie: "The film has not been completed yet. The deadline for the submitting a film was on 21 June."

Q @hugURob: "when we can expect a Trailer or Teaser?"
A @TheRoverMovie: "The film is not yet complete. Once the film has been completed, I will let you know about a trailer or a teaser."

Q @IHOPEZVA: "You can learn anything about the promo?"
A @TheRoverMovie: "I won't really know anything until the film has been completed and once there is a release date."

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