June 23, 2013

Todd Mike Schultz tweet about Party in Rob's house


@ToddMikeSchultz tweeted,
That was a real freakin party.. everywhere you turn… someone super smart and talented and interesting to talk to.
Rob Pattinson is a really cool guy. It’s good not to lose sight of basic kindness.
Nick Jarecki is incredible. He made the dopest party happen.
Kristen Stewart was not at the party as far as I know…
@E_L_James truly great meeting you. Infinitely lovely.
Rob Pattinson really does drive an old Ford Pickup… wonder how much it costs to maintain that?
Rob also told me that his dogs get skunked on the regular… I’m eating this all up… sorry if i’m gushing.
We talked about @TheCanyonsFilm with Lindsay Lohan, and we all agreed that LA has it’s challenges.
Everyone was really happy and Jolly when we sang happy birthday to Nick.
We should make #NicksParty trend… it was that epic. At Rob’s house. GREAT PEOPLE. a lounge singer. Sia and Dianne Warren were there!
I hate socializing with people aren’t creative… and I did not have a problem last night. Was awesome. #NicksParty
Lohan was not at #NicksParty but she was dearly missed by all…
The best food was served.
Okay… this is also true, he was wearing a backwards baseball cap. I hope I’m not giving away too much.
These fans are hardcore ride or die. #respect
There were some fun hipster dance moments. #nicksparty
@sweet4rob Dude. I hugged EL James like fifty times last night. Didn’t take photos. She is very huggable and so sweet. and SMART!
People. I’m just saying we all had a very nice time. #onlylove
@cheekabebe I took one photo of myself at the top of this cool stairway to a pool. it’s on my twitter feed.. but i was alone.
@VladRad tweeted,
With hot @onditimoner at a partay for @nickjareki at Robbie Pattinson’s. It’s not just her films that rock. pic.twitter.com/sp4DnBXTou
A Great Gatsby night w @onditimoner good times! pic.twitter.com/R6I3KdYhsz
@Sia tweeted,
Me and my bestie @dallasclayton celebrating nick jarecki and his birth.pic.twitter.com/Z1RMTl0eHj
@onditimoner tweeted,
@dallasclayton it’s me. Standing with you at the fireplace outside at the fete of @njarecki
Thank you @JustAGoodAss for the tip!
Update: Todd Michael Schultz shared some additional details with Hollywood Life:
The soiree appeared to be a glamorous affair, full of big names from the showbiz industry, all donning their best 1920′s suits and flapper outfits to fit the Great Gatsby party theme.
Singer/songwriter, Todd Michael Schultz was also on hand for the party, and revealed some major details exclusively to HollywoodLife.com. “It was a really good party,” he said. “It was in Rob’s backyard — he had catered tacos. Dianne Warren, the songwriter, was there. Warren Beatty was there chilling. Lisa Zane sang a few songs. It was all smart people — trust me, the best people, from beginning to end.”
That end didn’t come for awhile according to Todd — the partygoers at Rob’s raged on well into the morning: “I got home at 3 or 4 a.m. The party was just dwindling when I left,” Todd says.

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