July 24, 2013

Julianne Moore and Robert Pattinson filming yesterday PLUS fan account of the scene (July 22)

SPOILERS from the account after the cut!

Here is Yukkei’s fan observation from the scene being shot yesterday. You can see more of those pictures HERE.
  • Rob drove the town car out of the driveway, and reversed it back in to reset the shot. The boy knows how to drive! Jerome took the wheel!
  • He got out of the town car and was hanging out while they were setting up, went back to his trailer once with Dean at his side.
  • He filmed one more scene with Julianne Moore. She was in a lavender dress. They both got into the back seat of the town car, then later on Julianne Moore got out of the car, wiped her leg with a scarf and walked off. 
  • In between takes, him and Julianne were talking, he was sitting in the backseat of the car and they looked like they were having a good time. Rob got expressive with his hands. Lol
  • Mia was also there, black top, purple skirt with her Agatha gloves on 
  • Caitlin was also there, didn’t see David though.
  • It looked like Rob was wrapping up since he was shaking people’s hands. Dean hugged someone (who knew? Lol)
  • At the beginning of the shoot he had the full suit on…and then by the time he left, his dress shirt was pulled open at the front, not tucked in and his white tee was underneath. Yum. See the rumpled and disheveled shirt in some of the pics?
  • He looked very happy on set, didn’t stop to say hi or anything, but am just happy I got to see him!
  • Lastly, Shoutout to crew member who gave me water (Thank you!) It was the same brand Rob drank…. 

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