July 07, 2013

'Queen of The Desert': Werner Herzog talks about Rob "I hope we will see him one day as a director"

From Focus.de. Translation from german: 
Playboy: For your next film 'Queen of the Desert' you have cast 'Twilight' teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson. 
Herzog: He approached me. That is why I am taken seriously in Hollywood. Because so many good actorswant to work with me. Nicolas Cage was never better than in 'Bad Lieutenant'. 
Playboy: What do you see in Robert Pattinson ? 
Herzog: He has charisma, he is smart, he writes. I hope we will see him one day as a director. 'Queen of theDesert' is not yet fully funded, and we don't know yet where we will shoot. Possibly, that should be in Syria. 
We know since this interview, via one of the film producers, that the shooting should take place in Morocco, Jordan and Germany.

via @Lurker1510

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