July 07, 2013

The Journalist of 'Glamour' Italia chats with Fans and keeps teasing us with her Interview of Rob for Dior

@ninaverdelli: "Can't wait to be done with all the articles I have to write, so I can focus on my #RobertPattinson interview ! #DiorRob @Glamouritalia"

@eliza22: "did rob talk about his future projects? Cronenberg movie?"
@ninaverdelli: "he did talk about the future, wait and see:)"

@Suziekew"Awesome! would love an advance quote :)"
@ninaverdelli: "as soon as I'll start writing, I'll try do give you a little anticipation:)"

@Chicajezzabelle: " I could not concentrate on anything if I had 2 #think about #RobertPattinson let alone #write about him ;)"
@ninaverdelli: "and listening to his voice over and over again! #DiorRob"

@floridalass: "The man can't help it that he has this affect on ladies!"

@ninaverdelli: "you should find @Glamouritalia in international newstands or bookstores. if not, sure, u can order your copy"

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