July 12, 2013

Werner Herzog Talks About Rob and 'Queen of the Desert'

Playboy: For your next film 'Queen of the Desert' you have cast 'Twilight' teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson.
 He approached me. That is why I am taken seriously in Hollywood. Because so many good actors want to work with me. Nicolas Cage was never better than in 'Bad Lieutenant'.

Playboy: What do you see in Robert Pattinson?
 He has charisma, he is smart, he writes. I hope we will see him one day as a director. 'Queen of the Desert' is not yet fully funded, and we don't know yet where we will shoot. Possibly, that should be in Syria.

The interview is from January. There's a new update about the movie's possible location and schedule from June (click here)

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